Schübirz von Kubinye, Anton

b. 22 December 1748, Olmütz

d. 4 June 1801, Gratz (Illyria)

"Schübirz von Kubinye (Anton, Baron von Schüpirz, or) ... He became a lieutenant in the Batthyanyi dragoons (5th Chevauxlegers) on 23 December 1768, on leaving the Academy of Wiener Neustadt. He was promoted lieutenant on 1 January 1772, captain on 10 April 1773, and major on 21 March 1786. He distinguished himself at Dubica in the war against the Turks (25 April 1788). He was made lieutenant-colonel of the Stabsdragoner on 16 January 1790. He transferred to the Batthyanyi dragoon regiment on 16 October 1790, and was made colonel of the regiment on 30 November the same year. He became colonel of the newly formed 1st Uhlans (Mészáros's regiment) on 1 November 1791. In 1795 he took command of a brigade of cavalry in Lombardy. He was promoted General-Major on 4 March 1796, and fought at Codogno, Lodi, and withdrew to the Tyrol with Beaulieu. He returned with Alvinczy, was present at Arcole, where he attempted to cover the retreat. He served until 1800. He was given a pension on 1 February 1801, but died a few months later ... (Service record communicated to the author by Feldmarschall-Lieutenant von Weczer)." Bouvier, F. Bonaparte en Italie, 1796, Paris, 1899, p. 690.

Not listed in Wurzbach, C., von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, Vienna, 1856-91.

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